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2001 Mercedes Benz S-Class S500 "Designo"

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SAN FRANCISCO:  It's easy to use the word luxury all too freely. One quick glance at a thesaurus reveals only a few options, so it's not uncommon for writers to continually say "luxury," when nothing else comes to mind. But spend a little time in the S500, and you will know the true meaning of luxury. Yes, this is one sumptuous extravagance! If you think you are going to go to Heaven, then this is the car to be driving up in. An S500 Designo edition S-Class Mercedes Benz. Also know as, "The Best Car in the World."

The S500 is Mercedes-Benz's most impressive luxury sedan. I have more of a sports-car mind-set, so to a little thing like myself, it seems enormous. However, we Americans do like big cars. Historically, the United States is the largest market for the S-Class outside of Germany. Mercedes estimates an increase of 40% in sales for the new S-Class models.

The S500 sedan is a beautiful piece of artwork. The exterior style has been completely changed. The classic Mercedes look is now blended with softened lines that are more voluptuous, and leave the former S500 looking very "old-fashioned." Despite reduced length, width, and height the S-Class' interior room has actually increased significantly.

The "Designo Edition" offers unique paint and upholstery colors. One new paint color has been named Espresso, a very sophisticated black/brown metallic. The interior is drop-dead gorgeous. The light brown, Nappa leather upholstery, smooth as caramel, two-toned with charcoal Nappa, rang all of my bells. To make it just a touch more special, the seat cushion and steering wheel cover were perforated. Not only for the bold look - the ventilated seat circulates air through the cushion to draw off perspiration in hot summer weather. Designo accents feature rich, natural, Elm wood trim. The total picture is smashing. I gave everyone I know a chance to experience it, and all were impressed.

There is an entire entourage of other creature comforts. A multi-function steering wheel has push buttons to allow control of navigation, telephone, and audio. Intelligent voice control for the telephone and sound system even understands accents and dialects. Power sunroof, heated, massaging, power front seats - which adjust 14 different ways - heated, power rear seats, a Bose Beta II Sound System with perfect clarity, a navigation system via global positioning satellite, the TeleAid system which uses cellular phone technology and the GPS nav system to call for help, etc., etc., etc.

All of this advanced technology is terrifically uncomplicated. The S500 is the utmost in comfort for long road trips and short daily commutes. There is power and comfort to spare. Under the hood, the baritone V8 sings energetically. With the Airmatic suspension, the ride height can be adjusted by adding or releasing compressed air, which is very useful on heavily flooded or uneven roads, or just to have fun with.

If you are looking for a new way to win friends and influence people, there's no need to buy the book. For a mere $94,345 MSRP, plus title and taxes, or a little over a $100,000.00 plus out the door, the Mercedes-Benz S500 "Designo" will accomplish all this and more. By Carol Green AutoWire.Net - San Francisco

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Byline:  By Carol Green AutoWire.Net - San Francisco
Column Name:   "The S-Class Mercedes, a.k.a. "The Best Car in the World."
Topic:  2001 Mercedes Benz S-Class S500 "Designo"
Word Count:   611
Photo Caption:  2001 Mercedes Benz S-Class S500
Photo Credits:  Mercedes Benz Internet Media
Series #:   2001 - 6

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