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2007 Dodge Sprinter 3500 Cargo Van

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San Francisco: This was a first, a vehicle so large that I was actually worried about driving it. I am talking about a truck that is almost 23 feet long, 9 feet high, and that has a GVWR of 11,000 pounds! 

I am here to tell you that I thought maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew, or drive. It ended up that the only difficulty I had was parking the truck, it was simply too tall to fit in the parking garage at work.

What can I say about the styling of a big box?  Being based on a Mercedes truck, designed originally for Europe, the Sprinter is narrower than what you usually see for a truck this size. It is only 79.5 inches wide, which makes it a lot easier to use on some of those narrow European alleys. It also makes it a lot easier to drive here, especially for a novice.

There are two wheelbases available, the shorter 144-inch, and the 170-inch.  The short wheelbase is about 3 feet shorter overall, and with the standard roof it is a full foot lower. There are a slew of combinations: standard length (232.5 inches), long (273.2 inches), and extended (289.2 inches), standard roof, tall roof, higher GVWRs, passenger configuration (mini-bus), etc.

I had the long wheelbase with the long length and the high roof. You know what? It was a blast! The Sprinter drove almost like a passenger vehicle.  The cab on the model I drove was separated from the cargo area, which made it very quiet. It had the optional ďsuspensionĒ seats. These are supposed to help smooth out the bumps but I just locked them in place.  There is a dial to set them for your individual weight but I just could not get it dialed in. I kept bouncing up and down like I was in an old Buick. The ride was not that harsh to warrant the seats in my opinion. And if you need more seating you can get the Sprinter with a front bench seat that seats three.

You can equip the driverís compartment as Spartan or as plush as you want.  The version I drove was pretty plush in a useful way. There was no carpet, but instead a very easy to clean vinyl floor. There was climate control, cruise control, auto power windows and power mirrors, a great sound system, and a ton of storage for all those things you may need to have with you all day long.

The cargo area on the Sprinter I drove was huge. The cargo area is 14 feet long, almost seven feet tall, and six foot plus wide (38.5 inches between the wheelhouses). You could live back there. In fact some motorhome companies are now building RVís based on the Sprinter Cab and Chassis model.

Bu all that space was lost on me. I made a trip to the building supply store for an interior door and some two by fours. I could have put a hundred more doors in the back and there would have been room for more.

For access into the cargo area there is a sliding door on the passenger side or two swing-out doors at the rear. The lift over height into the cargo area is a reasonable 31 inches, and there are built-in tie downs everywhere to help keep your cargo in place.

The powertrain is a front-engine, rear wheel drive arrangement. The engine is a 3.0-liter, V6, diesel engine. The transmission is a five-speed automatic.  Both are sourced from Mercedes. The new diesels are amazing, quiet, almost odorless, powerful, and economical.

How economical? Because these are commercial vehicles, the EPA does not require that the mileage figures be published, but on a quick trip to Tracy and back on one fine Sunday I averaged a respectable 19.6 mpg. I think that is amazing. On my regular commute to work I averaged around 16 mpg. Plus there is a gas engine available on the smallest versions.

When the Sprinter first showed up on Dodge dealersí lots there was a lot of concern that no one would buy them, especially as they replaced the tried and true full-size Dodge vans. They were slow to catch on but now I see Sprinters and their Mercedes counterparts just about everywhere.

Their ease of operation, economy, and large, accessible cargo area are proving their worth. If you are in the trades you might consider buying a Sprinter. Thereís enough room back there for all your tools and materials, and you could still set up a small workshop inside the van.

Prices start at $31,290 for the standard Sprinter and go up to $39,555. Add on some options and you can get the sticker up to about $50,000, which is not bad for what you get. If you are in the market for a new work truck you should check out the new Dodge Sprinter van. Itís the ultimate work truck for a tradesman. By Bruce Hotchkiss  © AutoWire.Net - San Francisco

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Column Name: The ultimate work truck for the tradesman
Topic: The 2007 Dodge Sprinter 3500 Cargo Van
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